After revealing she wants to fake fertility issues, a woman was slammed.

After revealing that she wants to fake fertility issues, a woman was slammed on social media.

After revealing she will tell loved ones she is infertile just so they will stop asking when she plans to have children, a woman has been branded ‘cruel and manipulative.’

But not everyone was disgusted by the 28-year-old’s deft handling of the awkward line of questioning, with many admitting they’d do anything to avoid it.

The woman explained that she and her seven-year-long partner have no plans to start a family, which they discussed early in their relationship.

However, while they are content with their decision, their family ‘can’t let it go’ and has become ‘obsessed’ with knowing when to expect babies since their engagement.

‘We don’t tell them all the reasons because some are quite personal, but we have several reasons for not wanting children, and I know we shouldn’t have to justify or justify ourselves because it’s our choice,’ she said.

So, in order to put an end to the discussion, they’ve decided to tell their loved ones that they’ve been struggling with infertility.

‘Next time someone bothers me, I’m thinking of just telling them we have fertility issues.’

This isn’t true, as far as I’m aware, but since we don’t plan to have children, it’s not something we’ve ruled out,’ she wrote.

The woman explained everything on a ‘throwaway’ Reddit thread, hoping to get feedback on her decision to lie about such a sensitive subject.

‘It may appear that I’m making light of people with such issues, but my hope is that the initial shock of the comment will cause them to stop asking and think about what they’re doing, because I’m sure they do it to other people,’ she said.

Is it acceptable to falsely claim that you are unable to have children?

Is it acceptable to claim that you are unable to have children?

Now it’s your turn to speak up.

In fact, she believes it could be beneficial to people who are having difficulty conceiving.

‘It would annoy and upset them to be asked questions like this so frequently,’ she explained.

People asking if she has children or plans to have children is fine, she said, but persistent questions are not.

While some were offended by the tactic, calling the couple “cruel, manipulative, and selfish,” the majority seemed to support it.

‘It’s none of anyone’s business why you don’t want children – I despise being asked that question,’ one woman said.

‘Family units come in all shapes and sizes – you and your family included.

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