AMH and Ovarian Reserve: Should You Test Your Fertility?

You are born with all the eggs (oocytes) you will ever have, and every person runs out eventually. But how do you know how many eggs you have left? Should you test your fertility? What is AMH? What is your ovarian reserve?

Fertility Doctor, Natalie Crawford, MD talks about fertility testing and ovarian reserve. What should you know now if you want to have kids in the future? What should you know if you are trying to conceive or undergoing fertility treatments? How do you know if you are running out of eggs? How many eggs do you have left.

Questions answered:
What does it mean to test your fertility?
What is AMH (Antimullerian hormone)?
What does it mean if your AMH is low?
Does a low AMH cause infertility?
What is an Antral Follicle Count (AFC)?
What is diminished ovarian reserve?
Does birth control impact AMH?
Does endometriosis impact AMH?
Does cancer or chemotherapy impact AMH?
What does AMH mean for egg quality?
What can you do if your AMH is low?
Does AMH impact IVF?

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This is medical education, not medical advice, please ask your doctor your medical questions.

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