Are Fertility Apps Reliable?

If you’re trying to conceive, you may be wondering – are fertility apps reliable? Here are some things to consider before downloading an app. The first thing to keep in mind is that apps are constantly evolving as software updates roll out. That means they may no longer be as accurate as when they first launched. In order to determine whether an app is reliable, look for a seal of approval from an expert body. Also, check to make sure the app you’re planning to download has been reviewed by a recognized fertility expert.


Ovia is a fertility tracking app that claims to help 5 million women conceive. The company claims that the apps are a digital age solution to infertility. Its executives also claim that they have helped women conceive and have saved their lives. But do the apps actually help women conceive? And are they reliable? This article will explore these questions and more. Here’s what we learned. Also read: Are Ovia fertility apps reliable?


If you’re planning on trying to conceive but are unsure if Clue fertility apps are reliable, you’ve come to the right place. Clue fertility apps use Dynamic Optimal Timing, a method tested in a clinical trial with 718 women. The company claimed a failure rate of 1% for perfect app compliance, and 6% for typical use (which includes human entry errors and unprotected sex on “high-risk days”). However, this still represents a 94% accuracy rate, which is acceptable for most women, and makes Clue a good alternative for women who aren’t comfortable using birth control methods.


The Glow fertility app is an excellent option for tracking your reproductive health. Glow offers a wide range of useful features to help you stay on track. It has tracking apps for your pregnancy, baby milestones, and even your period. There are also features that track sex life. And because women’s reproductive needs change throughout their lives, these apps can be used to help you monitor your overall wellness. But before you download one of these apps, it is important to read reviews and other customer feedback.

Ovia’s fertility app

Whether Ovia’s fertility app is accurate or not depends on your personal circumstances. Its fertility tracking system has helped over 20 infertile women conceive. The company has about 50 active users and has recorded health data from 128 women a month. On average, employees open the app 48 times a month, sometimes more often. According to Ovia, they don’t share your data with social media sites.

Ovia’s fertility tracker

Ovia’s fertility tracker is easy to use and offers accurate feedback. The app uses millions of data points from users to improve its algorithm and help women predict their ovulation date. Because Ovia uses this data, the app may be able to predict ovulation more accurately than a traditional period tracker. In fact, the company claims that Ovia users get pregnant up to three times faster than the average person.