Are Fertility Tests Free?

If you are interested in fertility tests but don’t have much money to spare, you can try several methods that are completely free of charge. These include tests from Legacy Fertility, Modern Fertility, and RSC. If you’re trying to get pregnant, you might also want to take a hormone test. This test will tell you if your body is producing the hormones needed for conceiving.

Modern Fertility

There are several different ways to find out if your body is ready for a child. Modern Fertility has a team of physicians, including fertility researchers, obstetricians, and gynecologists who can provide you with a range of tests. You can even use these tests while on birth control.

Modern Fertility tests are free, and they’re backed by a physician. Many of their tests are available online and include consultations. These services are designed for people who aren’t trying to conceive, but who want to know what their reproductive health is like. Their website also offers many tips and articles to help you understand your test results.


Fertility tests aren’t cheap, but they do provide some benefits. The RSC’s Fertility Check costs $99, which is significantly less than other fertility tests that cost as much as $500. These tests measure the levels of ovary-related hormones, and the physicians at the RSC will explain the results and discuss them with you.

RSC’s $99 test

While a typical pregnancy test can cost more than $500, the RSC’s $99 fertility test offers a more affordable option for women seeking to get pregnant. This test measures levels of ovary-related hormones and gives physicians a detailed report detailing a woman’s chances of conception.