BLEEDING IN PREGNANCY? What Is A Subchorionic Hematoma?

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Bleeding in pregnancy?
What is a subchorionic hematoma?
Are you having a miscarriage if you are bleeding?

Fertility doctor Natalie Crawford, MD reviews bleeding in pregnancy and subchorionic hematoma (also known as an SCH). Subchorionic bleeding occurs with implantation and can present with bleeding in the first trimester.

Answered in this video:
What is a subchorionic hematoma or subchorionic hemorrhage (SCH)?
What causes bleeding in pregnancy?
What should you do if you have bleeding in the first trimester?
What does it means to have bleeding behind the placenta?
Does a subchorionic hematoma cause miscarriage?
Does bleeding in the first trimester mean you are losing the pregnancy?
What should you do if you have a subchorionic hematoma?

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