Coronavirus and Getting Pregnant | A Fertility Doctor Talks about COVID-19

Dr. Natalie Crawford, MD, double board certified OB/GYN and Reproductive Endocrinologist and Infertility specialist, discusses the risk of COVID-19 infection in pregnancy. For those considering pregnancy or undergoing fertility treatments these are the things that you need to think about right now with the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic.

Wash your hands, clean surfaces, limit social situations, cancel travel, protect your loved ones, protect your family. Don’t panic, but be smart and be prepared.

***UPDATE 3/17 ASRM statement to limit all fertility treatment including IVF with a freeze all or egg freezing

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***This video was published on March 12, 2020 – as this is an ongoing situation, we are currently getting new information and guidelines. This is not directed medical advice for you, this is for educational information only.
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