Covid-19 Vaccines And Fertility Issues

It has been noted that Covid-19 vaccines do not create fertility problems in men or women, as some belief it to be. This is a new set of studies that have revealed that there is simply no connection between receiving the vaccine and not conceiving. 

Covid-19 Vaccines And Fertility Issues

Many couples were taken as participants in the study. It was revealed that if the male partner had Coronavirus in 60 days, there could be much lower chances of conception. That may be reason enough to get vaccinated at the earliest. The illness has been known to impact men’s fertility rates in the short term. 

Covid-19 Vaccines And Fertility Issues

The male SARS-CoV-2 can be associated with a short-term decline in fertility rates in males. It has also been revealed that Covid-19 vaccination does not have a role to play in impairing fertility. And it applies to not just men, but the women as well.

Many studies have been conducted on animals and humans as well in this regard. All those who were undergoing fertility treatments have been simultaneously vaccinated. However, no association has been found between the two. Many such studies have also stated that vaccination does not have any kind of impact on the term or miscarriage. 

The data has been derived from the study of more than 2,000 women as a sample population from the ongoing trials. The women are aged between 21-45 years. The sample population has been taken from the states and Canada. 

The women were enrolled in the program from the December of 2020 to September 2021. Follow-up calls were made to all such women in November 2021 as well. The women participants were made to fill up various questionnaires online. It was about their reproductive cycles. 

The laboratories and experts also asked the women to rope in their male partners in filling up the questionnaires. 73% and 74% of women and men were involved in the studies. And they had received at least one dose of the vaccine. 

The researchers went through the questionnaires to find out that there was absolutely no association between fertility rates and vaccination.  However, it was also noted that the men who had a previous infection showed really low rates of fertility for a considerable period of time. The studies were undertaken by the National Institutes of Health

Couples who have a male partner testing positive for the virus in the last 60 days have an 18% lower chance of conceiving. However, it is still too early to comment on the association. The population demographics have to be taken into account to find out more about such things. 

Ore research will only drive the findings. However, it has been seen that fever reduces the sperm count in individuals. And since fever is a concern with the Coronavirus, there could be a staunch association between the two. 

The findings do state that vaccination in adults who are trying to conceive does not reduce the fertility rates. But not getting vaccinated and getting infected can take a toll on the male partner’s health.

Thus, women being affected by the vaccination is also a myth that arose when the vaccines had just started circulating. Many doctors who are endocrinologists frequently hear of such news that scares away couples from getting vaccinated. 

Many believe that there may be some relation of the placenta tissues that the vaccination may strike. However, that is a one-off chance. The body is clever enough to understand, what the antibodies are for.

Moreover, pregnant women not getting vaccinated can be a risky affair, as it can lead to preterm delivery. The effect of the disease on pregnancy is real. Thus, vaccination is the safest route that couples can take. 

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