COVID, The VAX, and Your Period: Latest Research on Period Changes after COVID infection and Vaccine

Does COVID change your period?
Does the COVID Vaccine change your period?
What is the latest research on period Changes after COVID infection and the vaccine?

Double board certified OBGYN and REI, Dr. Natalie Crawford, MD reviews the latest research evaluating your periods, COVID, and the vaccine. Your period is a reflection of your reproductive health, and intense immune responses or infections can be stressful to the body and alter our normal hormone function. After COVID starting spreading and the vaccine became available to the general public, many people started complaining of period changes.

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What is a normal period?
What happens to your period after COVID infection?
Does COVID change your periods?
Why can COVID changes your periods?
Is the COVID vaccine causing period changes?
What happens if my period changes after the vaccine?
Are menstrual cycle changes common after a COVID vaccine?
When should I be worried if my period does not return to normal after a COVID infection or vaccination?

SUMMARY OF LATEST DATA: 19% of people after a COVID infection have a cycle change in length. People who received the vaccine had on average a cycle length of 1 day longer than prior to vaccination. If you received both vaccines in one cycle, 10.6% of people had a clinically significant cycle change of 8 days or more as compared to the baseline rate of 4.3% in the unvaccinated. In those receiving the vaccine, your period returned to normal after 1-2 cycles.

TLDR – your chance of having a period change is more from a COVID infection vs vaccination, and if you have period changes for more than 1-2 cycles after a vaccine please see your doctor to investigate other etiologies of amenorrhea.

This is not medical advise, only education. Please consult your doctor for your pwn personal medical questions.

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