COVID Vaccine Nanoparticles Accumulating In The Ovaries?

Is the COVID vaccine hurting your fertility?

Dr. Natalie Crawford, board certified fertility doctor, answers your questions about if COVID vaccine nanoparticples accumulate in the ovaries.

Questions answered:
Does the COVID vaccine impact ovarian function?
Is the COVID vaccine toxic to the ovaries?
How does the COVID vaccine impact the ovaries?
Does the COVID vaccine hurt your fertility?
Does the COVID vaccine damage your ovaries?
What pregnancy outcomes have been reported after the COVID vaccine?

Important summary:
A “leaked document” that was a pharmacokinetics study, is now being used by a Canadian immunologist to spread the rumor that lipid nanoparticles are accumulating in ovaries.

The ovaries had the highest concentration of lipids (0.095% still very low). ***OF COURSE THEY DID***

Listen: if you have *ever* heard me talk about the ovary I always say it is a hormone making factory: that’s it’s real job, to make hormones. Mot eggs, that’s a byproduct. Hormones are its real jam.
But how does it make hormones????
What is the substrate???
It must create them from something,
and you guessed right.

Lipids. (Also known as fats and cholesterol).
Lipids are the essential part of making steroid hormones such as estrogen, testosterone, progesterone.

That is where they are made. So OF COURSE the hormone factory up taking all the lipid and working hard creating hormones has the highest lipid uptake.

Other important notes:
This was a rat study – the rats were given a vaccine dose higher than the human dose (equal to 400x larger if we based on body weight).

All studies have consistently shown no drop in ovarian function, ovarian reserve or IVF outcomes after vaccination.

All studies have consistently shown no increase in miscarriage or stillbirth, snd no decrease in placental function after vaccination.

Let’s stop using falsehoods about reproductive health, especially fertility, as a fear tactic to scare people away from getting a life saving vaccine. The choice to get the vaccine is yours, but should be based on facts not misinformation.

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Ovarian function:

IVF outcomes:

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Pregnancy and placenta:
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