Do Birth Control Pills Hurt Your Future Fertility? Truth From a Fertility Doctor

Natalie Crawford, MD – a board certified OBGYN and REI, discusses one of the top questions she gets asked – all about the pill and how it works and the impact on future fertility. Learn abut combined oral contraceptives (estrogen and progesterone pills), also called “the pill” and understand your options best from an expert. Fight misinformation about contraception with knowledge.

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*note: many people who cite the opposite reference very old studies ( more than 20 years old) which utilize high dose EE pills (no longer used for contraception) and/or are poorly done in study design. The studies listed here support the highest quality evidence on this topic by respected leaders in the field. Further evidence supports that not only of combined oral contraceptives “the pill” not decrease future fertility, even continuous pill usage (no placebo pills) and prolonged duration of pill use is not associated with significant differences.
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