Eir introduces fertility, menopause policies for staff

Telecoms company Eir has introduced of a number of new policies designed to assist employees at times when they may need additional support.

The company will provide both a fertility policy and a pregnancy loss policy, alongside the introduction of other supports relating to menopause and domestic violence.

The fertility policy will support employees who are undergoing fertility treatment, irrespective of gender.

It will offer three days paid leave to assist those who are undergoing or recovering from treatment, enabling them to attend appointments.

Meanwhile, Eir said the pregnancy loss policy has been designed to support employees and partners who have been impacted by the loss of a pregnancy.

Employees will be able to avail of five days’ paid leave, in the event of pregnancy loss.

The company said this is available to staff, irrespective of gender.

“We know, particularly after this last year, life can throw us many challenges and appreciate that help during these vulnerable times can make all the difference,” said Thérèse Gavin, Eir’s Director of Human Resources.

“With the introduction of these policies, we will continue to support our employees and hope that stigma and taboo surrounding these topics can be removed and promote a culture of openness,” she added.

Emma DeSouza, Women in Leadership Coordinator with the National Women’s Council welcomed the new policies launched by Eir.

“Taking a more generous and progressive approach that recognises the complexities and challenges faced by women, and indeed all employees, is a positive step in creating a fair and equal workplace,” she said.

Eir said the new policies launched today are in addition to its surrogacy leave, adoptive leave and transgender policies that were introduced in 2016.

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