Endometriosis:Do you have it? What are the signs, symptoms, and treatment options?

Double board certified fertility doctor, Natalie Crawford, discusses what endometriosis is and how to know if you have it. In this video she reviews the common signs and symptoms, how it is diagnosed, and the treatment options. There is so much confusion on what endometriosis is, how it develops and what is means for your reproductive life. But the top thing that I see is women suffering in silence or without support.

Questions answered:
What is endometriosis?
What is the endometrium?
What are the risk factors for endometriosis?
Is endometriosis genetic?
Are there environmental factors?
How common is endometriosis?
How is endometriosis diagnosed?
What are the symptoms of endometriosis?
How does endometriosis affect fertility?
How do you manage endometriosis?
What lifestyle modifications can you make?
Is surgery always necessary?
What should I look for in a doctor when it comes to treating endometriosis?

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