Fertility Meditation | Connect to Spirit Baby and Call in the Best Egg Donor

Enjoy this guided fertility meditation connecting you to your spirit baby by calling in the best egg donor to facilitate IVF success, guided by Fertility Expert, Fiona Boulton.

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Meditation transcript:
Sitting comfortably, today is the day and now is the moment where you are able to truly transcend to a state of ease. A graceful state of ease. In this state, your vibration becomes more and more vibrant. So you can magnetise to you, the ideal woman who is donating her eggs so that you can work as a trilogy. You, the receiver of her eggs, you the beautiful mum who will take her eggs and turn them into an embryo and allow this embryo to grow and grow, in perfect harmony, support, love, peace and safety. Not only in your happy healthy womb, but in your energy field. In your essence, your essence of true motherhood and unconditional love. The hard yards of your journey are over, allow yourself to float in the river of abundance. You are already in this river of abundance. The river has many turns and your fertility journey has gone through many roots, and here you are. Literally floating down the streams. Completely let go. Feel your physical body in this guided healing meditation, surrendering, relaxing, being in a perfect state of ease. Graceful, abundant, ease. Feeling your fingers, hands, wrists, forearms, elbows, upper arms, shoulders, chest, the muscles around your heart and lungs , relaxed and soft. Release the weight upon your shoulders, feel your upper back soften. And let it feel that it is supported. Feel the relaxation swirl down the whole of your spine, relaxing the muscles of your mid and lower back.

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