Fertility Meditation | Ignite Confidence On Your Journey

Meditation is one of the pillars Fiona uses to help 80% of all her clients (aged 30 – 52) to overcome fertility issues and to have their babies. Book your fertile lifestyle consult NOW whilst it is 100% complimentary for a limited time: http://fertilelifestyleconsult.com/

Get ready to ignite the spark of confidence on your journey with fertility expert Fiona Boulton.

Meditation transcript:
Sitting comfortable and with a beautiful intention to ignite the spark of confidence on your fertility journey. As you breathe deep, you’re filling your body up with new potentials, new beginnings. And the air that you’re breathing holds magic, holds golden sparkles of new life, new beginnings, there truly is magic in the air and when you’re open to receive it, you can create it. Flood your body with this breath now, feel the body becoming more and more relaxed. feel the lightness of the torso as you breath deep all the way to your collarbones, the edges of the diaphragm and deeply exhaling, Letting everything go. Breathing away all tension, all resistance, just release, release, release. Work with your breath, feel the lightness move across from your chest to your shoulders, bring lightness all the way up into your brain, across your face, bring lightness to your crown, the back of your head, your neck, and bring some healing energy into your throat. Bring some golden sparkles of energy into your throat. Breathe deep yet breathe slowly. Feel the lightness move across your shoulders, around your shoulder blades. Back to your upper arms, down through your elbows, your forearms, your wrists, your palms, your thumbs, index, middle, ring and little fingers.