Fertility Meditation | Liquid Light Healing Fertility Meditation

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Enjoy this liquid light healing fertility meditation by Fertility Expert Fiona Boulton.

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Meditation transcript:
Taking a deep breath in and a long, slow deep breath out. Really feel the bond with the breath as it opens the chest and opens your heart chakra, feel how the breath makes you feel lighter on the inhale and the exhale.

Bring the breath and the power that it holds to your eyelids and relax your eyelids so that you can relax 70% of the rest of your physical body. Now, bring your awareness of your breath to your jaw. Relaxing your jaw, take the awareness of your breath to your shoulders. Relax, relax, relax your shoulders. Bring the awareness of your breath to your abdomen. Relax, relax, relax. Bring your awareness of your breath to perineum, the area between the sex muscles and the anus, as you exhale squeeze this area. At the end of the exhale, release and then inhale.

Open through the heart as you expand through the chest, and as you exhale feel the abdomen tighten, drawing the navel into the spine and squeeze into your perineum. Locking the life force energy into the body, with every outward breath. Rest your tongue on your upper palate, this will seal the circular energy which is orbiting around your body as you are now commanding you are grounded, you are present in the here and the now moment.

You are protected, you have a bubble of protection that is orbiting your whole energy field. And now command that you are disconnected, as you disconnect from cordings and codings that do not serve your highest good. We have now implemented energy hygiene and now you are energy to go deep. Feel that you are surrendering, give yourself a moment to release, release, release. Release any tension that you may be holding, release release release. Feel calm, feel peaceful. Calm, peaceful.