Fertility Meditation | Manifest Your Man and Your Baby

Fertility expert Fiona Boulton has helped thousands of women’s
dreams to come true. If you are wanting to manifest a man and
a baby, this meditation is for you.

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Meditation transcript:
Sitting comfortably, really comfortably, we are going to go on a gentle ride. A ride through the wave of consciousness, floating on the river of desire. The desires you hold for this lifetime. To manifest health, harmony, wealth and partnership. You are here currently in receive mode, drawing in not only a happy, healthy baby but of course, the man of your dreams. And you’re here to achieve both. With effortless grace. Grace is the key to abundance, and this is now your time to shine. We start by entering receivership. Accessing receive mode. Activating your femininity. To do this, we create a deep foundation. You’re connecting your energies into the core of Mother Earth, activating your being, your inner essence. And practicing the art of true surrender so you magnetise yourself to achieve the desire to flow to you and through you. So breathe a little deeper, completely let go. Feel the outward breath exit your body, and just as it exits, feel the tension exiting your body too. Keep releasing. Focus on the next 3 minutes where you scan from your
crown, to the tips of your fingers and toes. Releasing all tension. Releasing excess carbon dioxide, releasing old ways and old thought forms that do not serve your highest good. Release, release, release.