Fertility Meditation | Mantra Meditation for Self-love

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Fertility expert and meditation instructor Fiona Boulton guides you with a Mantra Meditation to Activate Self-Love for Fertility. Meditation transcript provided below.

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Meditation transcript:
Welcome to your new mantra meditation to help you activate the depths of self-love. And with the self-love comes self-worth.

So take some breaths in and feel that you’re breathing all the way down into your womb. Your future baby’s bedroom. You’re creating a beautiful space, a heartfelt space, that is nurturing and loving. More nurturing and more loving than you could ever imagine.

And this is your time, to really go within, to connect with your body, to connect with the divine and to truly, deeply prepare for your baby’s coming and staying. Your breath is lengthening, your eyelids are getting heavier, your tongue is resting on the roof of your mouth, on the upper palate behind the two front teeth. You can feel your abdomen rise from the inhale and fall on the exhale, as you are flooding your womb with new crystalline energy.

There are golden sparks of life force energy in the air that you’re breathing, and you’re letting it flow in through your nostrils, swirl around your brain, bringing harmony and peace to your brain. And then it swirls down into your heart, allowing your heart to beat. This powerful life force energy travels to all your cells and systems. I’d like you to feel that the energy naturally around you and of you, being drawn in through your palms, the soles of your feet and your crown – it is illuminating you to be a 5 pointed star, the infinite energy aspect of you, the creator of all is within you. You have the creative force within you, and you are now ready to ignite it once again.