Fertility Meditation | Preparing Your Peaceful Womb with the Breath of Life

Fiona Boulton has been helping women and couples to have happy, healthy babies as a Fertility Expert since 2007 and meditation instructor since 2003.

Enjoy this guided meditation by Fertility Expert Fiona Boulton to help you in the preparation of your peaceful womb with the breath of life (transcript below).

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Meditation transcript:
Allow the gentle breath with its healing power to swirl through your body and allow the heat from your healing hands to move from your heart out through your arms and palms back into your heart and into your womb where there is already an energetic rainbow bridge. See this is in your mind and create it in your body, as you allow yourself to sink deeper and deeper down and down into a state of peace and harmony, this is the most powerful place to be. Peaceful and present, help yourself to ground the energy by feeling a magnetism in your sitting bones, in your perineum and the base of your spine. Let it spiral down and down and down magnetically connecting you to mother earth as you rest your energies inside her healing womb.

For together, you are here to create life upon her. And mother Gaia is an extension of Quan-Yin who is the goddess of abundance and fertility, so let’s call upon Quan-Yin as we activate communion with the womb and activate healing with the womb. As you’re lengthening your breath, scan your body, relax your face, the whole of your head, your neck, your shoulders, your arms, all the way down to your fingers and thumbs. Relaxing your chest and your mid, lower back. Relaxing your hips and glutes and thighs, relaxing the ligaments around your knees and lower legs all the way down to your ankles. Heels. Soles of the feet, tops of the feet. Feeling the whole body relaxed, centred and calm. Command in your mind, I am centred and calm. I am grounded. Visualise your energy field, add some protection to it and command: I am protected.