Fertility Meditation | Womb Healing Meditation for Beautiful Conception and Implantation

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If you want a radiant womb for beautiful conception and successful implantation, you will enjoy this guided meditation by Fertility Expert Fiona Boulton who boasts an 80% success rate (live birth rate) with thousands of all her clients who complete her FERTILE LIFESTYLE COURSE.

Meditation transcript:
Sitting comfortably, it is now time for you to wash your womb with a new ray of sunshine. A new set of sparkles, so that you can conceive with joy and enable ease and grace with transplantation so that your beautiful baby can grow physically, emotionally and mentally perfectly. With ease and grace too.

Now state your intention and deepen your breath, feel yourself sinking deeper and deeper, down and down into a relaxed state. Count your breaths backwards from 37 to 1. Feel the lungs expand, all 4 sides of the ribcage- and then the abdomen, not just the abominable breath it needs to be all 4 sides of the lungs all the way up to the collarbone, and as you exhale, tighten through the abdomen and squeeze into the perineum, keep your tongue at the roof of your mouth behind the two front teeth and keep counting backwards. Be mindful of the breath, keep relaxing the body, train the mind and body to be connected.

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