Fertility Q&A #8 – Ovulation Induction, Luteal Phase Deficiency, Clomid, Prenatal Vitamins & more!

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Your fertility questions answered!!

Fertility doctor, Natalie Crawford, MD – double board certified OBGYN and REI, answers your top fertility questions every week in this new video series. You deserve to understand the basics about fertility and your reproductive health, so ask, watch, and learn.

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Answered in this video:
1. What does an oral medicated cycle look like? What if I have FHA? What is commonly used for ovulation induction? When should I move to using an oral medication plus an IUI?
2. Is it normal to get brown spotting in the luteal phase? What is luteal phase deficiency? How do you treat luteal phase deficiency? What tests should be done?
3. What does Clomid do? How long does it take for Clomid to work? What are my age-related chances of getting pregnant while using Clomid? When should I move to other options?
4. When to stop taking prenatal vitamins with endometriosis? Can I take a prenatal vitamin indefinitely?
5. If clomid is not helping with ovulation, should I move onto Femora? Do Letrozole and femora work differently from Clomid? Do I have to ovulate to do an IUI?
6. Does it make sense to move straight to IVF? What if I have low AMH and my partner has abnormal morphology?

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