How To Improve Your Fertility? Fertility Doctor Gives Advice To Her Younger Self

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Board certified OBGYN and fertility doctor Natalie Crawford, MD talks about advice she would give her younger self as a fertility doctor. Think about how to improve your lifestyle and help your fertility.

Covered in this episode:
1. Your period is a vital sign. Pay attention if your period is not regular, if it is heavy or you bleed through your cloths, or you have severe pain. You should not be afraid to talk about your period or your menstrual cycle.
2. Toxins matter – avoid plastics and never heat plastics, remove toxins from your life and limit plastic exposures. Limit exposure to teflon and other Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals or EDCs.
3. Listen to your body and sensitivities to food. Food can cause inflammation and this can result in digestive issues, fatigue, blasting, and more – inflammation can cause difficulties with your fertility. Avoid processed foods and fake ingredients. Real foods are the best.
4. Alcohol is not good for your reproductive hormones or body. Studies show that more than 4 drinks per week is bad for your fertility.
5. Second tobacco smoke exposure and marijuana both decrease your egg count and quality.
6. Prevent sexually transmitted infections. Chlamydia is a top cause of tubal disease and infertility.
7. Sleep is really essential for your body. It helps give you a time to heal, it decreases inflammation and it decreases toxic free radicals in your body. Sleep disturbance increases your cortisol and stress levels and this changes hormone secretion from the brain.
8. Make a fertility game plan. When do you want kids? When should you start trying? Should you freeze your eggs? Should you get your fertility tested?
9. Stress is important and you should set boundaries and you do not need to do everything. Say no to things you don’t need to do. Focus your attention on what matters. Stress can impact fertility.
10. Exercise for strength and for your health and not to lose weight. Don’t starve yourself and do only cardio. Focus on weights and yoga and take care of yourself

This is not medical advice but medical education.
Please ask your doctor your medical questions.

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