Matilde Gioli: “I freeze the eggs today to give me a child tomorrow”


Matilde Gioli, 32, is the protagonist of the film 4 Half, from January 5 on Netflix, and is in the cast of Doc – In your hands, fiction in the second season from 13 January on Rai Uno. The actress is very committed to social issues: last October she was the face of LILT for Women – Campagna Pink Ribbon, the historic LILT initiative for the prevention of breast cancer, while on 22 September, on the occasion of Fertility Day, she was testimonial of Ferty Check, an awareness-raising initiative on the preservation of fertility, promoted by the GeneraLife group. At OK Salute e Benessere she talks about how she herself has started to protect her future fertility.

I started protecting my future fertility

Today the best gift you can give me is the possibility of having a child tomorrow. Although I want to feel free to dedicate body and soul to work for a few more years, I do not hide the fact that I have begun to feel the ticking of that famous biological clock which I have always heard of. I know that many women find it particularly difficult to openly express the need to grow professionally before becoming pregnant. Unfortunately, despite the progress achieved by our society, a mentality still survives today that accuses those who, after the age of 30, of selfishness, decide to put the topic “motherhood” on standby to focus on career. It is true, one thing does not exclude the other, but let’s try to be honest: in many cases the woman is forced to choose, in many others it is she who wants to do it, having every right to do so.

As if that weren’t enough, then, someone’s prejudices often add a interior conflict, already hard to digest in itself, which on the one hand suggests you to continue to give rise to your aspirations, but on the other hand does not spare you to remind you how the hands of time pass inexorably, despite your young (at least by birth) age. Here, at 32 I started to come to terms with the fact that a woman’s ovarian reserve decreases over time is that the more you procrastinate, the less likely you are to get pregnant. And precisely because I have acquired this awareness and I want to give myself even just one more chance, today (but actually for some time now) I have started to protect my future fertility.

I discovered that there is social eggs freezing, that is the cryopreservation of oocytes

Thanks to medical friends, with whom I had the pleasure of speaking, I learned about social eggs freezing, that is the cryopreservation of oocytes. This is a path created to preserve the reproductive health of cancer patients who have to undertake therapies that can irreversibly compromise the possibility of having a child. Today in Italy, just as has been happening for some time in the United States, Spain and the United Kingdom, where the attention towards this issue is very high, cryopreservation can also be used for personal reasons, not just medical ones. It is a procedure that allows you to freeze female gametes, stopping their aging, and then using them later in time, should difficulties arise in natural conception. I am convinced that this is a very valid option for all women who, for different reasons, want to postpone the moment in which to try to have a child, yet in our country there is still an abysmal lack of information on the subject.

After accepting in recent months the proposal to become spokesperson for Ferty Check, a very precious awareness-raising initiative on the preservation of fertility, I realized not only how many women do not know what cryopreservation of oocytes is, but also how many specialists do not talk about the preservation of reproductive capacity with their patients. I would like, instead, that there were more campaigns like this, so that a culture of fertility protection can gradually spread, women are more aware of the options that science makes available to them and that taboos and prejudices, still inherent in our society, may gradually crumble.

I want to take this path

The theme is so close to my heart that I have decided to undertake this path myself. In fact, I will undergo a gynecological examination and specific hexanes to determine the state of health of my body. With the results in hand, the doctor will tell me whether or not I am suitable for cryopreservation. By taking part in this project as a testimonial, I had the opportunity to discuss the topic with various specialists, discovering that there is indeed the opportunity for social eggs freezing, but to preserve her reproductive health every woman should also adopt healthy lifestyles. , indicatively already ten years before thinking of a pregnancy.

I take care of nutrition, even if my job is not easy

For my part, I’m trying to put into practice the good advice received in that circumstance, which is within everyone’s reach and does not involve major upheavals in one’s life. Happy with the food education that was given to me by mum and dad, I try to follow the model of the Mediterranean diet, choosing seasonal foods, varying as much as possible, limiting portions and moderating the quantities of alcohol. I admit, however, that with my profession – which leads me to spend many hours on the set and spend a lot of time away from home – it is not always possible to maintain a certain rigor and, even worse, to keep some snags at bay.

I am dedicated to horse riding and, more importantly, I have quit smoking

I also strive to practice constant physical exercise. Indeed, saying that I make an effort is wrong, because for me playing sports has always been just a pleasure, never an imposition, and I owe this too to my parents, who have always given great importance to psychophysical well-being through a healthy movement. After practicing rhythmic gymnastics and synchronized swimming, today I prefer to devote myself to horse riding – when I’m not shooting a destiny film even 4-5 hours a day to training with Fuego, my horse – to high intensity functional circuits, to home workout and, when I can, to walks and rides in the mountains. Finally, and I think this is one of the most important messages, I stopped smoking. I forced myself to do so, because I know that it is never too late to say enough about cigarettes. And you know what? I don’t miss it, on the contrary, for me it was a real liberation.

In short, from new medical procedures to small gestures and daily changes: the tools to protect women’s health are not lacking. You just have to start stimulating knowledge and discussion on the numerous opportunities to preserve a woman’s reproductive capacity longer, free from taboos and preconceptions.

Matilde Gioli

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