Military couple gives birth to quadruplets after 4 years of fertility issues

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTGS) — A couple is walking away with four precious Christmas gifts this year — both a surprise and shock when they first found out the news.

December 15th was a special day for Mariah and Jose Marquez. Not only did Mariah give birth to one child, she gave birth to quadruplets!

Three boys and one girl. Jameson, Andrew, Joseph and baby girl Delilah.

“We kind of went from, ‘Oh it’s twins,’ to ‘Oh, no it’s triplets,’ to finally, ‘You’re having quadruplets!’ And we were shocked,” the new parents said.

Doctors said these pregnancies are rare. According to, Dr. Benjamin Mackowiak, Memorial Health Associate Medical Director Of Neonatal ICU/ Neonatologist, one in 500,000 to one in a million pregnancies have outcomes of quadruplets.

However, all four babies were born prematurely and are currently in the NICU. Mariah said it’s tough knowing they all will be separated for the Christmas holiday.

“Much more special, but it’s also much more harder at the same time. Just knowing that they’re not going to be home, and we’re all going to be separated,” said Mariah Marquez.

Jose and Mariah already have a five-year-old. Mariah said doctors told her their first child was a miracle baby. Shortly after their first child was born, the couple tried to get pregnant again, experiencing four years of fertility issues.

“We started trying after her. We tried for about four years and nothing really worked. We got up the courage and we saw a fertility doctor and found out I had a slew of fertility issues and our chances looked really slim, just from the start,” said Mariah.

Originally from San Diego, Mariah and Jose drove from Texas to the Savannah, Georgia are after their military move to Fort Stewart.

Dad, Jose Marquez, is a wheel vehicle mechanic with the 5-7 Calvary, Delta FSC.

“It’s been exciting and pretty scary, to say the least. The main thing on delivery day was making sure the babies were all OK, that they were all great, but at the same time, it was one of the things, once I knew the staff here had everybody set and everybody was doing great, I immediately just wanted to get back to my wife, because I can’t find another wife. She’s it for me,” said Jose.

“Delilah is our fighter. She went through major surgery at three days old. She’s already been excavated at seven days old and she’s really just fighting and doing amazing. She’s definitely going to give her brothers a run for their money,” said Mariah.

“She’s definitely our champion,” echoed Jose.

All four babies are still in the NICU but doctors say they all have made progress.

While parents Mariah and Jose might not spend the Christmas holiday together as one family, they’re walking away with four new Christmas gifts.

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