NO PERIOD?! What Is Amenorrhea? Top Causes Of Missing Your Period

When should you worry about not having a period?

Fertility doctor, Natalie Crawford, MD – board certified OBGYN and REI talks about top causes of not having a period. What is amenorrhea? What is the difference in primary and secondary amenorrhea? When is not having a period a problem? Learn about how your body works and the evaluation you need to determine if something is going wrong. No period, now what? A review of puberty, the menstrual cycle, and the work-up for when you don’t have periods.

Answered in this video:
What is amenorrhea?
When is not having a period a problem?
Is it normal to skip periods?
What can cause you to not have periods?
What is premature ovarian failure?
How do you know if you are going into premature menopause?
Can you get pregnant if you are running out of eggs?
What is FHA?
Can exercising too much cause you to lose your periods?
What is hypothalamic amenorrhea?
Can stress impact your periods?
What is PCOS?
How do you know if you have PCOS?
Does abnormal thyroid impact your fertility?
Does thyroid disease change your period?
What is prolactin?
Does a high prolactin change your period?

*This is medical education and not medical advice – please always consult with your doctor for your personal medical questions.

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