Period Hacks: Top Tips To Manage Your Period

Dr. Natalie Crawford, board certified OBGYN and REI, discusses top hacks to manage your period. In this video she reviews the basics of the menstrual cycle and what she wants you to know about the menstruation phase of your period including ways to prepare for your period and make that phase a little easier.

Questions answered:
What are the phases of the menstrual cycle?
What happens during your menstrual cycle?
What is the corpus luteum?
What should you do if your periods are irregular?
What is a regular period?
What are your estrogen and progesterone levels during each phase?
Should you exercise during your period?
What kind of exercises should you do during your period?
What kind of medication should you take for cramping?
When should you take the medication?
What should you eat during your period?
What foods help with bloating?
What role does sleep play during your period?
What are good sources of Iron?
How can magnesium help during your period?
What are good sources of Magnesium?
What are ways to make your life easier during your period?
What are natural remedies for cramping and bloating?

*all information is for medical education and is not directed medical advice. Please ask your doctor your personal medical questions.

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