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HYDERABAD:  IVF treatment can be taxing physically, emotionally and financially. The experience can be different for different people too. The process becomes all the more difficult due to lack of understanding of the condition, treatment options and its outcome. So, it is necessary to go through the treatment journey with a full understanding of the process, dietary changes beneficial to the condition, a positive mindset and by following the dos and don’ts. 

Prepare your body 

Balanced diet
Physical fitness and general well-being are very important before you take up IVF treatment. Add a lot of veggies, fruits and nuts to your diet. Avoid processed foods and foods that contain high levels of sugar. Reduce caffeine intake and take supplements as per the doctor’s suggestion. Seek the advice of a nutritionist for a diet plan that can boost your fertility.

Healthy weight
Obesity can hamper conceiving and also affect fertility treatments. Obese women require higher than normal doses of injections. Get into a regular exercise and diet regimen to achieve appropriate weight. Even a five-ten per cent reduction in the existing body weight can have a positive effect on the outcome through an improvement in the endometrium and oocyte quality.

Say no to smoking, alcohol
Smoking and alcohol consumption not only affects the lungs and liver, but can also decrease the couple’s chance of conception by affecting sperms and eggs. It can also have deleterious effects on the baby in the womb. 

Proper sleep pattern
Both lack of and excessive sleep can have a negative impact on fertility. Sleep is essential for the secretion of sex hormones. Irregular sleep pattern affects sperm quality in men and may cause endometriosis in women. 

Prepare your Mind 

Know the A-Z of IVF
When you have a proper understanding of the IVF treatment, the journey becomes a lot easier. 
Having a thorough knowledge about the foods and medications that have to be taken or avoided during IVF, exercise regimen, the success rates and the possible options can enable you to undergo IVF in a hassle-free manner with very good results.

Manage stress
You might go through a whirlwind of emotions during the treatment. Fear and stress can affect the outcome of IVF. Try to reduce stress through yoga, meditation, exercise and by cultivating a hobby. 

Support groups 
Being a part of the support group will help you understand better the emotional quotient of the couples undergoing the treatment. You will realise that you are not the only one going through this journey. 

The IVF treatment experience is not the same for everyone and hence it’s not advisable to compare your journey with someone else. There can be disappointment, frustration and hopelessness. But perseverance pays off. Support from spouse, family and friends can help a long way in attaining your parenthood dream. 

(Dr Meghana Nyapathi, clinical head & fertility specialist, Oasis Fertility)

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