ROE OVERTURNED: What Does This Mean For Your Reproductive Health?

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What does it mean now that Roe has been overturned?

Board certified fertility doctor and OBGYN, Natalie Crawford, MD talks about what is means now that Roe v Wade has been overturned. Abortion protection actually protects all reproductive health – including access to safe pregnancy termination, contraception and emergency contraception, management of failed or nonviable pregnancies, and fertility access.

1 in 4 women have had an abortion – for a variety of different reasons. Sometimes because they aren’t ready to be a parent. Sometimes because something terrible has happened to them. Sometimes because of a medical diagnosis of mom or baby. Sometimes in an emergent situation – regardless of the reasons, abortion is a medical term to end a pregnancy and losing the federal protection from Roe will result in more maternal death.

Covered in this video:
What does this mean for abortion?
Can you still get medical abortion pills?
What does overturning Roe mean for contraception?
What types of emergency contraception are there?
Can ectopic pregnancies be treated?
Are non-viable pregnancies allowed to be managed now?
What is a life of the mother exemption mean?
How does overturning Roe impact fertility or IVF?
Can you still do IVF in all states?

Resources: – Three For Freedom for access to contraception, emergency contraception and medical abortion options – Doctors For Fertility – nonprofit and PAC to protect reproductive rights

Nothing in this video is medical advice – this is all medical education. Please ask your doctor your own personal medical questions.

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