Scientists warn mobile phone use could cause poor sperm quality

Scientists claim they have found a link between mobile phone usage and poor sperm quality.

Mobile phones are a massive part of our everyday lives. For many, they’re the first thing they check in the morning and the last thing they check before they fall asleep.

They keep us in contact with those who matter most to us and provide us with endless entertainment.

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But they also have their cons – and we’re talking about more than just how much they cost. Our smart devices could negatively affect male fertility, according to scientific data.

A study conducted by Pusan National University recently found a link between sperm concentration, viability, motility and phone use.

Prompting a warning to men everywhere to cut down their phone use if they want to preserve their sperm quality.

The reason for this is that phones emit radiofrequency electromagnetic waves (RF-EMWs), which are absorbed by the body.

The idea that RD-EMWs degrade sperm quality is not a new notion, a meta-analysis from 2011 found the same result.

The 2021 study also suggests that sperm motility, viability and concentration is reduced by high phone use.

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However, unlike the 2011 findings, they found out that the decrease in sperm quality was not significantly related to exposure time.

Assistant Professor Yun Hak Kimm who led the study, said: “Additional studies will be needed to determine the effect of exposure to EMWs emitted from new mobile phone models in the present digital environment.

“The bottom line is, if you’re worried about your fertility (and potentially other aspects of your health), it may be a good idea to limit your daily cell phone use.”

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