The Fertility Dictionary: Your Fertility Doctors Explain the Fertility Acronyms

Dr. Natalie Crawford, MD, board certified OBGYN and RE, discusses the fertility acronyms that are commonly used during fertility evaluations and treatment. She is joined by REs from all over as we want o break down barriers and change the fertility conversation. We are here for our patients, empowering them and advocating for them every day.

Fertility acronyms:
AF: Aunt Flo
AFC: Antral Follicle Count
AMA: Advanced Maternal Age
AMH: Antimullerian Hormone
ART: Assisted reproductive technology
BBT: Basal body temperature
BC: Birth control
BD: Big Day, Baby dance
BFN: Big fat negative
BFP: Big fat positive
CD: Cycle day
CMM: Cervical Mucus Monitoring
DE: Donor eggs
DPT: Days post-transfer
DPO: Days post-ovulation
DTD: Do the deed
E2: Estradiol
EDD: Estimated due date
ER: Egg retrieval
ERA: Endometrial receptivity analysis
ET: Embryo transfer
EWCM: Egg white cervical mucus
FET: Frozen embryo transfer
FSH: Follicle Stimulating Hormone
GC: gestational carrier
HCG: Human chorionic gonadotropin
HSG: hysterosalpingogram
HPT: home pregnancy test
IC: Intercourse
ICSI: Intracytoplasmic sperm injection
IF: Infertility
IUI: Intra-uterine insemination
IVF: In-vitro fertilization
LH: Luteinizing hormone
LMP: Last menstrual period
LPD luteal phase defect
MC: Miscarriage
OCP: oral contraceptive
OHSS: Ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome
OV: Ovulation
OPK: Ovulation predictor kit
P4: Progesterone
PCOS: Polycystic ovary syndrome
PCT: Post-coital test
PGT: Preimplantation genetic testing
PG: Pregnant
PIO: Progesterone in oil
POAS: Pee on a Stick: take home pregnancy test
POI: Premature ovarian insufficiency
PUPO: Pregnant until proven otherwise
RE: Reproductive endocrinologist
RPL: Recurrent pregnancy loss
SA: Semen analysis
TTC: Trying to conceive
TWW: Two week wait
UPT: Urine Pregnancy Test
US: Ultrasound

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