THE UTERUS: Birth Defects and Uterine Abnormalities

Can the uterus have birth defects?

Fertility doctor, Natalie Crawford, MD reviews the development of the uterus and common birth defects. Did you know that uterine birth defects can occur – these are called mullein abnormalities. The tissue that forms the uterus also forms the top 1/3 of the vagina, the cervix, and the Fallopian tubes – and development can occur all along this pathway.

Questions answered:
How is the uterus formed?
Are there birth defects of the uterus?
How do you know if you have a uterine birth defect?
What is an arcuate uterus?
What is a bicornuate uterus?
What is a septate uterus?
What is a uterine septum?
How do you fix a uterine septum?
What is a uterine didelphys?
What is a unicornuate uterus?
Can you be born without a uterus?
What is mullein genesis or MRKH?
How do you evaluate the uterus?
What is an HSG? What is a saline sonogram?

*Evaluating the uterus is a normal part of a fertility evaluation. However, if you have painful periods or no periods you should seek medical care for an evaluation. This is medical education and nor medical advice – only your doctor can answer your personal medical questions.

Resources for images:

Fritz and Speroff, Clinical Gynecology Endocrinology and Infertility, 8th edition, 2011

[also yes, that is a bandaid – I cut my finger chopping sweet potatoes *vegan problems]

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