THYROID & FERTILITY: Part 2 – Trying to Conceive, Fertility, Pregnancy and Miscarriage

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Board certified OBGYN and REI, fertility doctor Natalie Crawford, MD discusses thyroid disease, screening, and treatment for people who are trying to conceive, undergoing fertility treatments, or having recurrent miscarriages. Listen as she reviews latest guidelines and updates – hitting on information that is controversial or uncertain.

Reviewed in this video:
Should you screen for thyroid disease in pregnancy?
What is a normal TSH in pregnancy?
Should you test for thyroid in infertility?
What are thyroid antibodies?
When should you treat if you have positive thyroid antibodies?
Does thyroid disease cause recurrent miscarriage?
Is it safe to take thyroid hormone?
When should you test your thyroid?

*PART 1 video reviews the basics of thyroid physiology, TSH and hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism

*This is not medical advice but education. Please ask your doctor your general medical questions.


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