Top Reasons to Not Get the COVID Vaccine: A Fertility Doctor Reviews the Science and Latest Updates

Fertility doctor, Natalie Crawford. MD, reviews the top reasons not to get the COVID vaccine. This is the video to watch to educate yourself on why some people are not getting the vaccine, and to listen to the education and science to learn more. Share this episode with anyone in your life who needs data and science about the safety and efficacy of the COVID vaccine.

Top reasons not to get the COVID vaccine:
1. The COVID vaccine was developed too fast.
2. I don’t want to get the COVID vaccine because it will cause DNA changes.
3. The COVID vaccine is experimental.
4. The COVID vaccine vaccine has not been shown to be safe. There are too many side effects from the COVID vaccine.
5. There is no long term data on the COVID vaccine.
6. The COVID vaccine will hurt my fertility. I want to have kids in the future so I don’t want the vaccine. The COVID vaccine causes sterilization, miscarriage, placental problems, and reproductive issues. You can’t get pregnant after the COVID vaccine.
7. Pregnant people were not included in the vaccine studies. There is no data on the vaccine’s safety in pregnancy.

**COVID can causes severe life threatening disease, especially in pregnant people. All medical organizations who care for pregnant people (over 22) or those trying to conceive all uniformly recommend the vaccine. The CDC recommends the vaccine for all who are trying to get pregnant or who are pregnant. Getting a COVID vaccine is safe and effective at preventing severe disease from COVID. Pregnant people are dying. Death is a preventable outcome at this point.

This is not medical advice but education. Please ask your doctor questions so that you can have personalized medical care.



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