TRUE CAUSE OF PCOS | A Fertility Doctor Reacts to the Medical Medium: What Causes PCOS?

What causes PCOS?

Dr. Natalie Crawford, MD, double board certified OBGYN and REI, discusses polycystic ovarian syndrome and talks about the rumor that EBV causes PCOS. Learn more about what PCOS is, and the true cause.

Does Epstein-Barr Virus cause PCOS?
What is EBV?
What is PCOS?
What causes PCOS?
Are there lifestyle and diet factors that impact PCOS?
What you should know about environmental toxins, advanced glycolation endproducts (AGEs), and endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs) in the etiology of PCOS.

*I am a doctor, but not your doctor. The information in this video is educational and not medical advice. Please ask your doctor medical questions. You can schedule an appointment with me at Fora Fertility ( if you live in Texas and would like to be seen as a patient.

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