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A British woman has revealed her experience undergoing fertility treatment and giving birth despite the fact that she never had sex.

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Kimberley Godsall,38, gave birth to her baby girl, Scarlett, in 2019 after she spent more than $21,000 on fertility treatments. Godsall said her friends have joked about her virgin birth and noted that she is saving her virginity for marriage. She felt like she didn’t find the right partner by her mid-30s and wanted to fulfill her dreams of becoming a mother.

“I realize it’s a romantic view of life, but from a young age, I knew that while I wanted children, I only ever want to have sex with the person that I’m going to marry. So I felt I’d failed when I wasn’t married by my mid-20s. For as long as I can remember I’ve longed to be a mom,” she said. “I couldn’t bear the thought of living my whole life without ever fulfilling that dream of having a child.”

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She also described the “trauma” of fertility treatment as she underwent multiple procedures to become pregnant. The first treatment required a specialist to open up her vagina and artificially inseminate the sperm in her uterus in 2017.

“They told me afterward that my extreme reaction was down to being a virgin. Psychologically as much as physically, I was unaccustomed to any activity down there.”

Although the treatment was unsuccessful, Godsall continued and became pregnant with Scarlett in 2018. “Part of me still does wonder what sex is like, and if I’m missing out, but not enough to have it with someone I’m not committed to. The fact I have my little girl is far more important to me than any of that,” she told the Daily Mail.

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