What is IVF? A Fertility Doctor Explains In Vitro Fertilization

Natalie Crawford, MD – a board certified OBGYN and REI, explains IVF so that you know what to expect. As a fertility doctor, Dr. Natalie Crawford knows that IVF is complex. Often, people don’t know what is involved or what to ask their doctor. She is breaking down the basics of IVF so you can be prepared and understand this process better. Even if you are not the one going through IVF, you can learn more about IVF to better support those that you love.

What is In vitro fertilization?
Who needs IVF?
What does IVF look like?
What are the risks of IVF?
What is genetic testing (PGT)?
What is a frozen embryo transfer (FET)?
What are your odds of success with IVF?

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