Whitney Port and family have COVID-19

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Whitney Port’s family has COVID-19.

The 36-year-old designer has revealed both she and her husband Tim Rosenman and their four-year-old son Sonny all tested positive for the virus a week ago.

She told fans on her Instagram Stories: “So last week we all tested positive for COVID. I wasn’t trying to hide anything, I just didn’t want to make it a bigger deal than it is/was and I didn’t want the pressure to have to ‘report the news.’”

Whitney shared how they all had nausea before testing positive, before reassuring her followers that they are doing “fine”.

She continued: “The nausea last weekend I guess was the first sign of it but we’ve all been fine otherwise.

“A little congested and my taste is not at its sharpest, but we are ok. Just quarantining, cooking, and napping. I was starting to feel like it was just a matter of time before we got it.”

Whitney’s household coming down with coronavirus comes after she recently revealed she is seeing a fertility specialist following her third miscarriage.

While she is “scared” of getting pregnant again, the couple still “definitely want another baby”.

She said: “It is a daunting thought having to go through this process again and all the unknowns, but it is something that we’re looking into figuring out because I know that while I’m scared to get pregnant again and scared to miscarry again and scared for the newborn phase and scared for the breastfeeding, I’m scared for all of it, but I know that if I think about my life in 20 years and I look back that, I will regret not going through those things.”

Whitney was advised to speak to a fertility expert as it would be “safest” due to her history of pregnancy loss.

She noted: “It’s totally new territory for me, but it’s just a little bit too scary to leave it to fate again at this point with my history.”

The ‘With Whit’ host is “trying to go with the flow” and is focusing on the positive; that she already has one child.

She said: “[I] tell myself that even if we can’t have another baby, we are still so blessed to obviously have what we have.

“Whatever happens next is really just extra and I really do believe that.”


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