Why you should be doing Fertility Qi Gong | fertility expert #shorts

Qi Gong also written Ki Gung and Chi Kung means energy cultivation. Learn how using Fertility Qi Gong, known as medical martial arts, can help you on your fertility journey with Fertility Expert Fiona Boulton (15 years in the industry).

Qi Gong / Ki Gung / Chi Kung is useful for increasing circulation to the whole body, ideal for anyone who feels the cold. Fiona’s Qigong (as instructed in her Fertile Lifestyle Course) and downloadable Qi Gong class ( ) is ideal for improving the womb, the liver, the kidneys, anxiety and so much more.

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Fiona Boulton is a Fertility Expert and the founder of Awakening Fertility. Fiona qualified to instructor level with Qi Gong in 2005. Fiona has been helping women and couples to have their happy healthy babies since 2007 with the Fertile Lifestyle Course – a revolutionary approach to faster fertility success, that boasts and 80% success rate.

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