Will Fertility Clinics Close Again in Ontario?

If you’ve been waiting for answers to the question: “Will fertility clinics close again in Ontario?” you’re not alone. Hundreds of couples across the province are in the same predicament as you. While there’s no concrete answer for this question, you can rest assured that the Ottawa Fertility Centre is able to provide nearly all funded procedures last year. As of late April, it’s expected to reopen by late May.

Ottawa Fertility Centre

The Ottawa Fertility Centre will close again in the province due to a lack of funding for the treatment. The Ontario government provides funding for fertility treatments, but funding is limited and waiting lists are long. As the cost of one cycle of IVF can exceed $15,000, many people cannot afford the treatment. In November 2011, a controversial radio contest was held on HOT 89.9 in Ottawa, where five finalists would receive a $35,000 IVF cycle.

The Fertility Centre is working to rebook appointments for patients, but will only perform procedures by appointment. Walk-ins will not be accepted, and all staff will wear masks to protect their faces. Patients should also make use of face-coverings at home.

Ottawa Fertility Centre to provide nearly all of the funded procedures last year

Ottawa Fertility Centre, a leading national fertility treatment provider, was recently acquired by The Fertility Partners, a Toronto-based healthcare venture that has over 20 locations across Canada and 11 IVF clinics. The company supports its clinics by investing in new technologies, supporting research and providing back-office support. The clinics are able to provide more high-quality care and support to their patients, which is a key component of its mission.

The Ottawa Fertility Centre, which has been providing high-quality care since 1994, has seven full-time physicians who are leading experts in reproductive endocrinology and infertility. They work in close collaboration with a highly trained, multidisciplinary team that includes embryologists, andrologists, nurses and operational staff.

Funding is available through the province’s Ontario Fertility Plan (OFP), which is intended to help couples conceive. While the government funds fertility treatments, funding is available only for a limited number of cycles each year. This means waiting lists can be long. Fortunately, those who can pay privately can get treatment without a waiting list. The cost of an IVF cycle can exceed $15,000, so it is important that those who can afford the treatment can do so.

Ottawa Fertility Centre to reopen in 2011

The Ottawa Fertility Centre is a premier fertility treatment centre serving patients in the national capital region. The centre’s expert team of physicians specializes in reproductive infertility and reproductive endocrinology. They work collaboratively with a large multidisciplinary team that includes nurses, embryologists, andrologists, lab technicians, and other operational staff.

The clinic’s funding came from the government. However, the funding is limited each year, and waiting lists can be long. Fortunately, private pay-for-service options are available for those who cannot afford to go without treatment. One cycle of IVF can cost upwards of $15,000, so the clinic is in a position to catch up with funded procedures.