Your fertility journey hasn’t worked, you are about to do IVF in the hope you create healthy embryos

So here you are, you are on your fertility journey and it hasn’t worked for whatever reason and you are about to embark on IVF in the hope you have some really healthy embryos.

IVF can only work is you have truly prepared yourself physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and energetically. If you haven’t then the chances of IVF working are really slim: it has a really high fail rate, unfortunately.

If you are ready to achieve IVF success first time around, book your complimentary fertile lifestyle consult ASAP so you can enjoy a 60 minute consultation with fertility expert Fiona Boulton or her team.

Awakening Fertility’s methods have an 80% success rate for women up to the age of 55. Fiona has been helping women overcome all kinds of odds (from low to non-existent AMH) to unexplained infertility, PCOS, fibroids, endometriosis, etc., so they can achieve faster fertility success and give birth to happy, healthy babies with ease, grace and joy.

The Awakening Fertility Fertile Lifestyle Course is tailored to your time restraints and your personality so you enjoy implementing little lifestyle teaks.

Fiona helps her clients by looking at what’s going on in the mind. If you have a belief that IVF is not going to work first time around because maybe you haven’t prepared yourself enough.

For example:
Do you feel you are healthy enough because you have been on a healthy food regime?
Have you opened up your detox pathways?
Are you in regeneration mode? Are your cells regenerating quickly?
How’s your thyroid? Your thyroid dictates how quickly you are regenerating your cells.
How’s your menstrual cycle?
How’s your hormone profile?
What’s your menstrual cycle like? Do you have PMS? Are your periods painful or clots? Rusty brown or fresh bright red blood?

All these things matter and it is your body’s way of communicating with you about your level of fertility.

If you have a niggling thought that you are not healthy enough or prepared enough for IVF success, or are causing you worry instead of leaving you feeling really confident, then working with Fiona to awaken your fertility can help.

Next Fiona looks at your subconscious (unconscious) blockages, meaning thoughts that block your fertility success that you are not aware of. You might think 
“Everything I want finally comes when I make sacrifices” or;
“It takes me longer to achieve what other people find so easy” or:
You may have self worth or self lack issues.

These thoughts and issues can all hinder your fertility journey and IVF creating your healthy embryos.

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